40/40- 1- 40 Hours a week of work, 40 years of work. (trading dollars for hours). What I promised I would never be.

AIR TIGHT- 1-when a woman has all her holes clogged in sex. (swingers term) example: my friends chick went to a air tight session with the new guys she met.

ATTENTION WHORE- 1- Women are used to getting attention and competing for attention. They have a very hard time for not being the center of attention. They cause scenes in public to get the attention.

BACK-HANDED COMPLIMENT- 1- when you give a woman a nice compliment and shoot her down at the same time. (she can't get mad because you are giving her a compliment.)

BREAK - 1- To have Sex.

BUTTER FACE- 1- when everything looks good on a woman but her face.

CAPTAIN- 1-captain save a hoe. (example: Lots of men act like captains when there's pretty women present)

DOWNER or DK- 1- a person or something that ruins your party zone. 2- Boring people or person (example: None of my friends are downers but some of their significant others can be dks)

HAND-OFF- 1- Passing a girl off that you aren't interested in to one of your friends.

HITLERETTE- 1- a female that just doesn't give a damn. 2- A female with an outrageous personality. 3- a bad girl. (I call my friend Sarah a "Hitlerette" because she's outrageous)

HOUDINI, CRISS ANGEL, DAVID BLAINE- 1- Ditching a girl when the job is done 2- Disappearing act when you are with your friends.

HUMAN SCALE- 1- When you balance your time to get every project done. (No Sleeping till you're dead)

KORESH- 1- the recruitment of new followers with the rationale that if the followers have no one to depend on, they have to depend on the person "Koreshing" them which makes them vulnerable The "Koresher" final prophet, The King Reverser.

LUTA- (LOO-DA)1- a person who reverses to keep you company. 2- a person who lingers when you are trying to talk to someone one on one.

ONE-UPPER 1- a person who always has a better story or hook up over you. (example: You saying you have a friend in Playboy, but they say that they are friends with Hugh Hefner.)

RAWDICKULOUS- 1- having sex without a condom. 2- having unprotected intercourse.

REVERSE- (reverse psychology) 1- getting people to believe your scheme. 2- a reverse is basically a lie.

SEVERANCE POP- 1- last time you have sex before breaking up.

SIEGFRIED AND ROY TRICK- 1- Inviting two or more chicks out that you have game with, without any of them knowing. 2- you must come out with a Siegfried and Roy trick if two or more girls you are seeing show up to the same place as you.

THE SYNDROME OR THE DROME- 1- the party zone.

THREE B's- 1- no bastards / bitches ..... no babies .... no bacteria

TORTA- 1- female with a tight outfit and her meat sticks out. 2- Click here for definition

TUCKER- 1- a guy that tucks his weenie. 2- A woman that looks like a dude. 3- It's a way of calling a guy gay.